Ghost Dance 2002
Some members of the new house band

Nunney Jazz Cafe offers an experimental exhibition space for artists, whatever their approach - past exhibitions have included paintings, drawings, prints, mixed-media, sculptures, and computer-enhanced artwork.  We have plans to put on installations and film/video works in the future.

Gloria F.Y. Ojulari Sule and daughter

There is a fairly large space available for exhibition at the cafe, although the exhibitions are necessarily just for one afternoon, and in a crowded atmosphere.  However, the event is a chance to exhibit free of constraint to a receptive audience. Artists of all kinds have sold works at the cafe.  As with the traders, we charge no commission, although if someone does particularly well at a cafe  event we would be grateful for a donation!

We are particularly interested in showing works that are related to or inspired by music, or the theme of a particular cafe event, although much of the work on show has no such connection and it is not a pre-requisite.  Several artists have shown work based directly on the cafe itself, including sketches, paintings and transformed photographs of scenes from previous events.

If you are an artist interested in exhibiting at the cafe, please contact us.

The full list of artists who have exhibited is online.

Further details of artists working in this area can be found via the Frome Artistsí Network.