Ghost Dance 2002
Some members of the new house band

Nunney Jazz Café is an organisation formed to put on both regular and occasional events in the Somerset countryside, usually but not always in Nunney village, with the aims of:

  • ˇ bringing together jazz and other players to create exciting live music of a high standard
  • ˇ providing an experimental exhibition and installation opportunity for local artists
  • ˇ including and entertaining children of all ages via performances and workshops
  • ˇ raising awareness of, and funds for, diverse charities
  • ˇ supporting small local businesses which supply alternatives to mainstream consumerism
  • ˇ offering a relaxing environment in which adults can meet, and children can play

In order to maintain the special atmosphere of the Nunney Jazz Caféevents, control of the organisation itself is vested solely in the Chairperson, Ann Harrison-Broninski and the Secretary, Keith Harrison-Broninski.  However, various other people may be involved in the running of each particular event.

Nunney Jazz Café is a non-profit organisation. The Chairperson and Secretary manage the kitty and keep the accounts, but do not take any money whatsoever out for personal use either as fees, as expenses, or in kind. Other individuals or businesses unrelated to the Chairperson and Secretary who contribute to café events may be paid fees and/or expenses depending on the effort put in and the work carried out.

Donations to various charities are made by Nunney Jazz Café on a regular basis.

Signed by the officers,

Ann Harrison-Broninski, Chairperson, on 21/7/1999

Keith Harrison-Broninski, Secretary, on 21/7/1999