Ghost Dance 2002
Some members of the new house band

The cafe tries to support businesses which offer an alternative to mainstream consumerism, particularly when they have an idealistic aim.  We are able to offer a promotional stand free of charge to such companies or individuals - all we ask is that they make a donation to the cafe kitty if the day turns out to be particularly profitable. We are also happy to put out brochures or cards out on the tables for suitable firms starting up in our region.

If you are interested in piano tuition, one of the leading contemporary UK jazz pianists now lives in Frome, and is offering lessons to all ages.  John Law can be reached either via email or his website.

Sarah Godsill, an artist who specialises in sketching live events, has recorded many cafes and associated concerts, and her work was featured on our first CD, “My Neighbourhood”.  Sarah runs a business sketching weddings and other occasions.

One business associated with the cafe since the start is Raves From The Grave of Frome, who provide a specialist album stall on an occasional basis at cafe events.  Their range of new and second-hand music and videos, as well as their ability to source unusual items, draws people from all over the country.  Check out their website for more information.

Andy Hague, not only Bristol’s first-call trumpeter but also a drummer and composer who regularly features on Radio 3, has recently started an online business offering  all kinds of printed music over the Internet.  Check out Music Sender to see the vast range on offer, from jazz to classical scores and a wide variety of educational materials.

Other enterprises we are very keen to support include independent jazz record labels.  Several of these (see below) have kindly donated items to use as prizes in our charity draws at the cafe.   We try and  sell a few CDs on their behalf, as well as promoting their work via our broadsheets and this web site.  When Keith does radio DJ slots, he also plays the CDs.

Black Box has recently been called the fastest growing label in the UK, and has rapidly gained a high reputation for both classical and jazz releases.  They present new composers as well as re-discovering unfamiliar or forgotten pieces, and work with young artists as well as established performers/ensembles in more than 20 countries.

DJC Records produces an eclectic range of CDs, from the “blistering electric violin with vibrant latin-funk rhythms” of Marius Kahan to folk singer/songwriter Hamilton Camp to a Bonzo Dog Doodah Band compilation! Founder Dave Clague is a Bonzo Dog himself, so is possessed of the most impeccable musical credentials ...

TML Records was formed in 1996 by Vaughan Hawthorne-Nelson as “a pure channel of  communication for like minded musicians who are devoted to the creation and  dissemination of healing music”.  Vaughan is a Berklee-trained sax player who has released several albums - his second, The Path, was nominated by the Boston Globe Jazz  Awards 1990, as "Best Jazz recording on an independent label".  Critics and musicians have described Vaughan as being in the forefront of Britain's outstanding jazz players.

Cornucopia is a new label founded in 2000 by John Law, one of Europe’s most adventurous  and acclaimed pianists - a former child prodigy, his work ranges from free playing to jazz tradition to mediaeval plainchant, in both solo settings and groups with other leading musicians worldwide. The label issues recordings by John and associated artists.  John is currently considering moving to this area, so we are hoping to see him at the cafe sometime in the near future ...

If you think the cafe could help promote your enterprise, and it fits in with our approach, get in touch.

If you are interested to find out more about enterprises and events generally in the Frome area, try the Frome Service or Frome 101 web sites.  There is also a web site dedicated specifically to Nunney village.