Ghost Dance 2002
Some members of the new house band

Here are some other people and organizations associated with the cafe that you may be interested to check out.



Paul Boswell - artist and musician

    Paul has featured at many cafe events. The style of his striking paintings derives in part from his early work as a graffiti artist, combined now with more conventional techniques and multimedia. He is also a bass player and composer who works with beats and ambient sounds, sometimes using this music as backdrop for installations.

Dave Clague - recording company (and ex-Bonzo Dog!)

    Tel: 01603 403052
    104 Constitution Hill, Norwich, NR34BB, UK

Simon Gore - drummer and teacher of the Alexander Technique

    Simon was the house drummer for the first years of the cafe. He is one of the finest jazz players in the region - the first call for visiting Americans, etc. Along with musical work he now teaches the Alexander Technique.

Emma Harris - singer

    Emma often appears at the cafe, singing French songs (at the Bal Musette), her own jazz interpretations, the gospel music of Pee Wee Ellis, Keiths settings of Anns poetry, etc. She has recently released a CD of her own.

Francis Hayden - photographer

    Francis Hayden lives in Nunney and only took to photography five years ago when he bought an old manual Pentax and started to play. Unusually nowadays, he still works on film and all the images on this site were in fact scanned from 6x4 prints. The daytime lighting of the jazz caf is not as intense and dramatic as a classic night time gig but Francis uses it to get some subtle, sometimes witty, portraits of his friends and other artists as they create their music and relax together.


HEDJAZ is a nine-strong ensemble of jazz and classical musicians formed by English pianist Keith Harrison-Broninski with American sax legend Pee Wee Ellis and the classical Emerald Ensemble to play original material based on classical forms.  The music, some of which is co-written with Pee Wee, combines the spontaneity and rhythmic drive of jazz with the emotional depth and range of classical music it is thrilling, beautiful and deeply moving.

The debut concert of Hedjaz in Frome Festival 2001 was received with overwhelming acclaim, as was a subsequent concert at St. Georges, Brandon Hill, Bristol.  A CD is available, a live recording taken from the debut concert.  Promoters, agents, and record labels interested in the band please contact Keith Harrison-Broninski by email, fax (0870 052 7594 ), telephone (01373 836520) or post (14 Horn St, Nunney, Soms BA11 4NP, UK) to receive a copy.