Ghost Dance 2002
Some members of the new house band

At present the cafe is just about self-supporting. We have had some help from:

  • various independent record labels, including Tumi (the Latin American specialist) and the specialist jazz labels Black Box, DJC Records, TML Records, and Cornucopia (see Traders for more details) who have donated CDs and tapes for use as raffle prizes in our regular charity draw.
  • Real World Studios, who sponsored the African Cafe in July 2001
  • Parker Merchanting, who gave us a 20% discount on traffic cones (to alleviate the parking problems caused to local residents by cafe visitors who donít use the  parking we provide at the village hall)

We would be interested to hear from organisations interested in sponsoring our work in a more general way, in exchange for publicity - each monthly event now attracts in excess of 150 adults and we feature regularly  in the local and national press.

Extra funds would be used either towards mounting musical and creative events on a large scale than the regular sessions, or to release further high-quality recordings.  As all cafe events are in aid of charity, and the cafe itself is a non-profit organisation (see our constitution), any monetary benefit would accrue to other worthy causes, rather than the  organisers!

If you are interested in becoming a cafe sponsor, please contact us.  Only organisations who fit in with the cafe approach would be suitable as sponsors, such as those  that provide an alternative to mainstream consumerism, are arts-based, or who have an idealistic aim rather than a purely commercial one.  Individual sponsors are always welcome, of course.