Some members of the new house band
Some members of the new house band


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The cafe is no longer running. See below for why we closed. For free regular events in the Frome area featuring international jazz stars, check out Frome Jazz Club (BBC Radio Interview).

Please note that the event currently running in Nunney Village Hall on the first Sunday of the month is not Nunney Jazz Cafe.

The current event is called the "Acoustic Cafe". It started up after we stopped, in the same first-Sunday-of-the-month slot. The Acoustic Cafe features folk rather than jazz/art/theatre/etc, the performers are mainly local amateurs, and sitting in is encouraged from all comers. The Acoustic Cafe does not have a Web site yet, but you can email Keren and Francis Hayden to be added to their own emailing list

At this time we cannot see how or when we will be able to restart Nunney Jazz Cafe, since the regulatory changes that led to our closure are still in force. NJC was always very loosely organized, relying on goodwill and co-operation to hold together the various different things going on, which were different every month - exhibitions/installations, kids entertainment, spray painting workshops, street theatre, large-scale musical forces, and so on.  The new governmental stipulations covering the use of village halls concerning safety of electrical equipment, bar licensing, and insurance risk assessment make it impossible to run events this way in Nunney Village Hall. So we have suspended indefinitely since we would not wish to compromise either the international-level musical standard, the variety, or the informality.

We’ll be back when we can - join the emailing list (see above) and we’ll keep you posted.  In the meantime, if you are missing the music of the cafe, check out our online store and have a listen to the latest music from the cafe stable: Songs of the Spirit and the Senses (all available in MP3 format for free download).

If you are interested in Nunney village generally, you may like to listen to this excerpt from BBC Radio 4 podcast - On 30 September 2007, Nunney was the subject of a BBC Radio 4 report, asking whether "the prettiest village in England" is a place where we can learn "how to mend our broken society”.

All the best
Keith and Ann

“How jazz was meant to be”
(The Independent)

“Proof that jazz can be played quite sublimely in the daytime”
(Bath Chronicle)

“The ever-popular monthly session that just goes from strength to strength ... Good beer, top veggie nosh, Sunday papers and plenty for the kids too. Can’t fail really.”
(Venue Magazine)

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