Ghost Dance 2002
Some members of the new house band

At present the cafe has produced five CDs under its own label HORN STREET. You can buy these via secure online payment (PayPal):



SHO001 - My Neighbourhood, featuring Pee Wee Ellis with the cafe trio, in a performance recorded live for WCR Radio (co-production with PW Productions)
Click here to go to the album page including sample tracks.


HS0001 - Alive, a selection of performances given from 1999 to 2001 by Witchi-Tai-To


HS0002 - Hedjaz, a promotional release of excerpts from a concert by the band of the same name featuring jazz/classical fusion music by Keith Harrison-Broninski and Pee Wee Ellis


HS0003 - Ghost Dance, a remix by Snipe of the original large-scale concert performance


HS0004 - Deep River, a live concert by Spirit Jazz
jazz/spirituals/gospel/African chant
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Contact us by email if you would like to book the band




Total purchase cost will include p&p of either 1.50 (up to 2 CDs) or 2.00 (3 or more CDs). If you prefer not to use secure online payment via PayPal, please send a cheque payable to Nunney Jazz Cafe to 14 Horn St, Nunney, Soms BA11 4NP.

Plans for the future include:

  • A CD release of the legendary New York Funk session from October 1999
  • Various highlights CDs from cafe events, performers being agreeable
  • Goods such as T-shirts featuring work by artists associated with the cafe.

This all depends on available funds. Jazz CDs, for instance, often do not recoup costs even if they sell well, since the market is limited.

The cafe is a non-profit organisation, and any proceeds from merchandise go either to support our work or to charity.   Please contact us if you are interested in sponsoring production of merchandise (ethically oriented organisations only please).

Distributors and dealers also please contact us if you are interested in supplying releases on the HORN STREET label.